IPOs & Mergers

Small & medium business owners today have it tough. Competition is fierce and not only are they competing with a multitude of other independent businesses, but they also have to complete with large multinational companies who have bigger budgets and more manpower behind them.

They are tired of being cut out of the action. Not able to secure significant procurement contracts because of size, all while needing those contracts for advancement. The age old chicken before the egg problem is being played out over and over again in small businesses globally.

Yet these companies employ over 99.7% of the private sector working population across Europe and North America.

This traditional system for small business growth is slow and outdated, there needed to be a better way.

We work with small to medium sized enterprise (“SME”) owners to attract investment and scale.

Our process is simple:

  • Create or source an appropriate Holding Company for the Merger
  • Select mature, profitable, and debt-free businesses (a.k.a. subsidiaries) for the Merger
  • Acquisition – under a special purpose vehicle (“SPV”) – of the respective subsidiaries by the Holding Company through the issuance of public-listed shares in Holding Company to original owners of the subsidiaries.

Our function is to provide corporate finance, corporate secretarial, group legal advice and carry out the acquisitions process for incoming businesses.

With our suite of corporate office support functions, we facilitate the business’s transition from being a private entity to a public-listed one over and above our unparalleled deal introduction capabilities.

The model allows owners to benefit from the value drivers of the public market – scale, valuation and liquidity all while keeping control of the business they’ve built, from maintaining branding to decision making for the workforce.

For investors, this model provides previously unavailable investment opportunities in the SME space through a public equity platform where regulations and governance practices are in place to give investors peace of mind.

As we target only the strongest businesses and given the level of support provided to drive organic growth, the investment initiation point is early enough for a meaningful level of value creation. We are more than just another financial services firm. We know business owners are having too hard a time trying to build their businesses, with little hope of extracting any real value from their efforts. We’ve brought all the tools together under one roof. Private equity expertise, transaction experience and corporate services from investor relations to accounting in order to drive change in the investment of SMEs and help them scale.