Kleinsman Global – is a US based Private Equity, Mergers & Acquisitions firm.

Saalbach Equities – is a Asia based Hedge Fund – many of the investments & projects we work within and funded through the hedge fund. Saalbach invests only in well run, profitable, debt free & consistent companies were with our resources can double EBITDA in a 3 year period. You can’t trade shares pubically and it is difficult to invest (and exit) in SMEs. We open up opportunities to invest in what employs 92%+ of the global workforce.

7-Ventures is a M&A firm were we invest & develop SMEs in the UK.

Cascade – is a UK based acquisition vehicle for taxi companies. A hugely fragmented market our first acquisition into this sector was in 2018. The vision is to acquire taxi companies to 5000+ cars over the next 18-24 months.

Audience Group – is a UK based acquisition vehicle to build a full service marketing business. Currently consisting of a £5m revenue brand marketing agency, and £4m digital marketing agency with several acquisitions lined up for the first part of 2019.

Inglis Jane – is a digital transformation & contract recruitment consultancy with £6.5m revenues and will form the backbone of our acquisitions into the people services/HR/recruitment sector.

Engineering Project – Engineering/Manufacturing in the UK is worth £6bn and despite the challenges of Brexit & wider economy is a growing sector (6% last year). We are building a group of synergistic engineering / manufacturing businesses. Current revenues £10m, profit £1.8m.

Andrew & Ashford is a business transfer agent that works with business owners looking to exit.