Private Equity

As private equity investors we bring more than just capital to the table.

Our commercial expertise and hands-on support to transform and grow businesses is what sets us apart.

We work with management teams to focus on driving results. We work across the spectrum from turnarounds to uber successful companies seeking growth.

We have a very talented team across a diverse range of sectors and geography.

Deal – We can move quick – as quick as 24 hours to get a deal done.

We give clear advice and suggestions.

Management are involved and engaged in the ‘100 day’ & 12 & 36 month plan.

Operations – Our people, skills and resources will complement an existing team / business to help it scale.Together we will build a successful business quickly.

Exit – Our vision is to grow value so we can all share in the success.We will find the most suitable way for exit. Most of the deals we exit from is selling the original business back to the management team.